About Us


Our mission is all about our customers’ well being. We only think about collaboration for the long run and we focus on doing good to our customers. We have proved our firm’s flexibility several times to our clients. We hope we have the possibility in your case as well.


Company details

Panarella Kft has started its operation with the 20th of October 2009.



Panarella Kft’s owner created the enterprise for a the reason to meet the requirements of the market more effectively.

The target was to create a company that helps to move the market out of its comfortable position.

The word cheap is no longer proper. It is possible to ensure cheaper service that is more than merely cheap by using the adequate effective methods. The market asked for a new, more customized, client orientated energy merchant service.



Naturally, energy supply service goes with market economy. Today, we don’t ask any more for how much electric power is available but how the electricity consumption can be optimized. Our employees are ready to help in the optimization process of your current consumption.