Panarella Online

10/05/2010 - 9:24pm

Panarella Kft. entered the market through a several websites …

Panarella Kft entered the market through several websites. It tries to continue an optimal customer oriented strategy in order to reach a wide range of market segments.

For the segmentation of the wide interest of our customers, an optimal online portfolio was built. The wide view also proves Panarella Kft’s customer orientation. Panarella Kft knows well that the main consumers like companies, public institutions, self governments struggle with daily problems on the field of power supply. Sometimes the companies don’t know for themselves which optimization possibilities lie behind the current consumption and so what sort of efficient expenditure reductions can be achieved. When setting up the online strategy we planned to create a real informative online portfolio which we have chosen one of the best digital agency on the market, Xemeti Kft.

Business Registration of Panarella

10/05/2010 - 3:48pm

Finally a true contender among the power traders…

Panarella Kft’s founders consider it important that a flexible company gets to the Hungarian Electricity trading market where the customers are not just one among others but they can also discuss practical problems personally with experts in the current market. The Panarella Kft’s founders regard as possible to provide a more customized service that can appear not only in a cost-efficiency service but also in a more human and customer oriented service. We wish to inform you that the market has been increased by an efficient an aggressive player, the Panarella Kft. You, our customers can just profit from that.

Secret of the quick provider change

10/05/2010 - 3:45pm

Cheap electric power .A cheap, reliable and quick partner is the essential...

Cheap electric power .A cheap, reliable and quick partner is the essential condition of a good work.

Panarella Kft. successfully introduced its customer oriented programme, with which help we can make our customers an favourable and fully competent offer immediately. Part of the new customer-oriented programme are personal meetings, for even greater customers we delegate a contact person. Measuring the current consumption for the long run and a detailed analysis by experts having the highest knowledge as well as continuing consultations prove the Panarella Kft’s customer orientation. The previous surveys, the continuing observation, the subsequent analysis ensure that we consider our customers’ optimal consumption as principle.